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Among the best tool manufacturers for painting equipment is the T.S. Simms & Co. a Canadian business. Renowned for innovative product designs and quality craftsmanship, Simms has long been leading the industry since 1866. Service quality, dedicated staff and excellent customer relationships are all part of their success.

Simms synchronizes modern automated manufacturing techniques with skilled craftspeople on staff to generate exceptional items. Simms strives to surpass expectations with each one of their paint applicator choices. Only the top materials are utilized for our roller and paintbrush lines. Simms happily delivers the industry standard for plastic paint trays and roller tray designs. We offer probably the most diverse painting tool solutions for homeowners and professionals.

Simms History

In 1886, Thomas Stockwell Simms launched the Simms Company. He was an American Civil War Veteran who decided to make an investment into a Portland, Maine brush and broom business with his soldiers’ back pay and bonus. This business migrated in 1872 to Saint John, New Brunswick. This port city became well-known for its shipbuilding contributions and famous around the world.

Thomas Simms underwent many difficulties but persisted with a wide variety of talents. Sadly, he outlived two wives and had a destructive factory fire to cope with. Nonetheless, he did not give up and was able to forge ahead in spite of these tragedies.

Simms travelled the world. He was among the first brush-makers to head to China in the 1900s to buy bristles directly. He participated in the lay missionary movement. As a testament to his determination and generous efforts, the Simms Memorial Baptist Church is found in India with a solid congregation.

Lewis Wesley Simms

In 1908, Lewis Wesley Simms became the company leader after his father passed away. Over the next five decades, Lewis Simms presided as the President. His potent personality and instructing presence made him a prominent leader. This business grew from a localized start to a nationwide expansion. LW developed and promoted automated brushmaking equipment, changing the landscape of the industry. Inside the Canadian business community, he obtained nationwide prominence. Mr. Simms took over as president of the Canadian Manufacturing Association in addition to the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

LW Simms was inducted posthumously in to the New Brunswick Business Hall of Fame and even into the Canadian Hardware Houseware Manufacturing Association Industry’s Hall of Fame. He was described as a master of employee relations and a visionary in all things business-related. The success of his company speaks volumes.

Thomas Stockwell Simms III, the great-grandson of the originator, maintained the traditions of integrity and high-quality that the business was founded on. Establishing strong management, creative and seasoned employees and vivid merchandising, the plant invested in quality equipment to supply innovative new products.

Nowadays, customer satisfaction, head office and our marketing and advertising are situated in Saint John, NB. Erin, Ontario is the place Simms has their manufacturing unit and warehouse. Healthy business ethics, first-rate product quality and first-class customer service all contribute to the company’s success.

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