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The Wooster Brush Company proudly manufactures more than 2000 tools for painters of every skill level to enjoy. They provide over 888,000 square feet of creating, manufacturing, office duties, warehousing and distribution. Nobody compares to the market experience that Wooster Brushes presents. The Wooster Brush Company has Six hundred and fifty employees with an median 13-year service record. Our progressive ideas, quality requirements and ingenuity have excelled across engineering areas, graphic design, printing and in-house production.

Company Origins

Established in 1851, the Wooster Brush Company is one of the primary paint applicator manufacturers in the U.S. Adam Foss is the founding father of the Wooster Brush Company. He created it after moving from Pennsylvania to Ohio. He began by making handmade bristle paint brushes. Original operations were started in a two-story building based in Wooster, Ohio. The paint brushes were offered for sale door-to-door all over Ohio.

The business purchased land on Madison Avenue in 1909 to create a new factory. The building was 70-feet wide by 200-feet in length. This facility gave them three times more floor area than previously. This building has become the headquarters location in Wooster, Ohio.

Since Adam launched the business, only nine presidents happen to have been elected. William S. Fagert, who's been with The Wooster Brush Company since 1985, took over as president in 2010.

The company has been running for 165 years. They have reached several industry milestones including:

They invented the Shasta® style brush and the angled sash paint brush.

The company was the first to introduce the now industry standard of artificial fabrics for paint roller covers.

To cement or attach the bristles into the paint brush, the “Foss-set” practice was invented.

Wooster came up with the Exploded-Tip® design to produce soft flags along the endings of the filaments.

These folks were the first company to introduce nylon filaments for latex paints and drastically improved paint delivery.

For this reason The Wooster Brush Company has expanded to become the most innovative developer of brush applicators in the industry. Many of the best painting equipment in the business is made by Wooster Brush. Each year, the company showcases new product designs. The company delivers more products than all of the other paint applicator manufacturers specializing in high-quality items. “Made in America,” the corporation has passed on its methods over a number of generations.



Merging solid ferrules, comfortable handles, synthetic filaments, the best quality bristles from China and durable blends is why these paint brushes are leaders all round. The Wooster Brush Company only relies on the most beneficial items from around the world to produce their products. If they can’t find what they are looking for, they have created their own materials.


The key portion of the paint brush is definitely the working end. The exact way the filament, finish, or tip is designed directly affects the paint application. Every paint brush company safeguards their proprietary tipping methods closely since this is the reason the brush and brand-specific.


Take a peek at the paint brush edgewise. If the tapers come to a point, you'll have more paint control. Tapered filament brushes enable the paint to flow and accomplish better coverage. Pumping the paint onto the surface allows better cutting-in techniques to be generated. Level filament brushes or un-tapered filament paint brushes generally cost less; however, they dramatically sacrifice capacity, management and coverage.

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