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Alfred Richard designed a diverse selection of quality tools over the span of 5 decades. After five decades, A. Richard agreed to sell his business to the Panfili and Gregoire families. Devoted to continuing the family-run business, the families moved the A. Richard Tool Company in 1942 to Berthierville.

By 1997, a 3rd age bracket of the Gregoire and Panfili family members took the business over from their elderly brethren. A. Richard joined Hyde Tools, Inc. in 2003 after retaining more than 85% of the Canadian hand tool market.

A. RICHARD Expands

In 2006, A. Richard acquired Roultech, a paint brush and roller maker and distributor. The expansion and marketing experience of A. Richard combined well with the competence offered by Roultech to produce a winning technique for the applicator market.
By 2006, A. Richard took over a roller and paintbrush manufacturer and vendor called Roultech. This was a successful acquisition as the two companies blended their expertise in product development and advertising. The profitable business makes more than 1200 pieces that are for sale in fourteen countries around the globe.


Staying committed to offering superb customer satisfaction via high-quality products and skills helps the corporation stay successful. Every single product has been attentively designed to fulfill the stringent quality standards in the industry.

A. Richard is devoted to developing eco-friendly tools that are sturdy and comfortable to use. The corporation undergoes the most stringent quality standards to deliver the most beneficial products on the market.


The company carries on to manufacture innovative solutions by offering great hand tools for application and coating prep work Renowned by business oriented and private industries alike, these hand tools simplify large painting projects and supply exceptional results.

Generating unique and innovative hand tools specific for preparation and coating application and distributing them is what we specialize in. Using the right hand tools which are comfortable and straightforward to use can substantially increase your work productivity and overall proficiency. Enjoy better success by working with the best distributor and manufacturer in North America.

There is a complete lineup for any of the tools you need for virtually every coating and preparation demands. With our accurate shipping, top-notch inventory and ultra fast delivery, we invite you to experience our efficient ordering process.


A. Richard acknowledges that its’ huge success is a result of all of the people who contribute to the company’s innovation and brand enforcement day-to-day. At first the business dealt with wood and plastic and then transformed into an injection mould business. Designing its very own production robots for hand tool assembly has been one of the company’s many terrific achievements. By being associated with every step along the way, the company has rigid quality assurance.

The company doesn’t need to tackle any competition considering that they regularly outperform. The Research & Development team incorporates two engineers, and ergonomist-designer, 3 technicians as well as a 3D printer. The business has a assortment of patents for countless products. The corporation has 1200 various products in its current collection and these can be bought in fourteen countries throughout the world. The company proudly rates among the most fundamental hand tool manufacturers in the world. Approximately 12 million tools are produced by the company each year.

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