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One of the many painting resources is FrogTape. Equipped with PaintBlock technology, it is in almost every master painter’s equipment to deliver a smooth finish. FrogTape was created to be used along with latex paint formulas. PaintBlock produces a micro-barrier around the edges of the tape which forms a chemical reaction with the water in the latex paint. This stops the paint from bleeding to produce a clean finish.

What Does PaintBlock Technology Do?

PaintBlock technology is an SAP or sodium-based cross-linked Superabsorbent Polymer. It is ideal for absorbing and retaining large quantities of liquid in comparison to its own mass. This technology has been used for years in various daily items which include paper towels, feminine hygiene and diaper items.

Why Does FrogTape Come In A Plastic Container?

Since masking tape is an important tool, it will stay longer if kept clean and dry. Keeping the FrogTape free and clean from debris directly affects how well it functions. These useful little canisters may be reused for holding beads and craft items or in the shop for holding hardware, nuts and bolts.

What is the FrogTape Delicate Surface timeline for leaving on my walls and trim?

This is an excellent painter’s tape for removing from recently painted areas after a minimum of 24 hours without leaving behind any residue. It can be left on faux finish paint or wallpaper for roughly sixty days or two months before painting. To prevent the risk of tearing fresh paint, we advise taking away the masking tape right after your painting is completed.

When FrogTape Multi-Surface is left on a surface in the direct sunshine, how long before it needs to be removed?

This kind of FrogTape supplies UV resistance for Seven days. It is recommended that the masking tape is taken off immediately after painting for the most pristine results.

How long can FrogTape Multi-Surface stay on my trim or walls?

The FrogTape Multi-Surface painter’s tape should come off residue-free for most surfaces for 21 days or Seven days in direct sunshine before painting. Remove your masking tape after you finish painting to prevent any tearing potential of your fresh paint.

What is the timeframe for leaving FrogTape on before removal?

We propose removing the painter’s tape as soon as the paint is still wet. When the paint has begun to dry, you might notice cracking across the paint line or that it pulls up when you try to remove the tape. Prevent damaging the paint by using a razor blade to cut the edge of the tape to expedite easy removal. It is possible to achieve a cleaner line and better removal if the seal is removed between the paint and the tape.

Why is the FrogTape not sticking to the walls?

If your walls have been freshly painted and your tape isn’t sticking, this can mean the paint hasn’t totally cured. Whenever the surface is not correctly prepped, it can lift from the wall if stretching transpired during application. Prepping the surface carefully is really important to making sure it is free from dust. Using a wall primer initially is beneficial to ensure the paint coating will be bonded effectively for pristine results.

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