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Coquitlam Exterior Painters Exterior painting jobs rely upon competent painters with experience. Beautify your exterior and modify your space by altering your exterior walls. Finding a dedicated painting company can help you achieve your repainting goals. Abbott Painters has everything you are searching for!

Dependable exterior painters possess the skills to tackle large and small initiatives. Have a look at our portfolio and read up on past clients to help you choose the best company. Your painters must take pride in all of their residential and commercial tasks. Abbott Painters is glad to help you acquire a quote and answer any queries or concerns.

Garner constructive curb appeal and create a clean, confident vibe with some fresh paint. Employees and customers alike will love the new look and motivating energy that comes with refreshing your space.

Exterior surface areas frequently deal with weather damage and UV exposure. It is essential to protect the structure with the right products. Hiring expert painters is necessary to help you choose and use the correct formula. A reputable company will supply all of the ladders and gear you need to get the job done correctly the first time.

Add value to your home or office by re-energizing with some paint. Modifying your space has a plethora of benefits.

Exterior House Painting Services You Can Depend On

We provide you with a wide range of exterior house painting solutions to serve our numerous customers. Our qualified teams of painters are industry professionals in delivering top-notch services that address your painting preferences. Our external house painting services are not limited to the following:

Customers can choose from a selection of offered services. Our qualified team has everything you need to generate the paint job you want. Among the exterior house painting experience we offer may include:

· Fencing and garden storage sheds
· Exterior home
· Railings
· Doors
· Garage door and car port
· Patio's
· Seal-coating drive-ways
· Gutters, trim, and wooden shutters
· Ceiling and roof

Abbott Painters: Your Experienced Exterior Paint Crew

It is vital that you select a professional and highly trained paint team. Benefit from excellent results by using an successful and trustworthy crew. Exterior and interior painting can revitalize your space. Employing the right products and solutions can make your place feel brighter and become easier to clean. High-quality paint lasts a long time and will offer you years of enjoyment.

Will you need help settling on your colors? There are several color options available. Enjoy determining how high quality paint and accurate application will benefit your property or workplace. Maximize your curb appeal, your peace of mind as well as your property value.

Outdoor paint adds a membrane of protection from the sun and rain. Different climates require various paint features. Our helpful and qualified team is completely happy to explain the selection of finishes available to help you make an informed decision.

There are lots of advantages to working together with our knowledgeable team including:

Cost-free Quotes from Abbott Painters

Totally free estimates ensure you have a dependable quote with zero unpleasant financial surprises. We include all of the particulars from sheetrock repairs and sealing blemishes to give you a realistic picture of your budget.

Color Discussions

It may be difficult to decide upon a color scheme. Our staff of knowledgeable painters can help you pick your interior and exterior color designs and illustrate many choices.


We work around you plus your schedule to reduce downtime. We don't want to interfere in your day-to-day procedures and are convinced that clear communication is essential with every job. Contact Abbott Painters right now to discover more.

Your Trustworthy Local Painters

We are local and dedicated to your satisfaction. You can easily feel secure working with our reputable team that is knowledgeable about the vicinity and understands which products and services work best with our coastal weather conditions.

Outside Painting Preparation

There will be a lot of preparation that goes into every paint job. Smoothing out surface areas and being sure there is no rust or mildew is necessary to the finished job. There can be exterior wall repairs necessary prior to paint. Doing this is bundled inside our comprehensive quotation.

The exterior of a building has to be accurately prepped to ensure the paint will apply thoroughly. We supply preparation services and external repairs not limited to but including the following:

Power Washing - Each of the external aspects are extensively cleaned. This additionally identifies places that need servicing.

Draping - All non-paintable areas demand protection. We work with cloths, plastic and tape to shield doorways and surface areas to ensure that dust does not enter into the building.

Applying Filler - dents, gaps, crevices, as well as other blemishes must be filled and subsequently sanded to generate a seamless surface. This will provide a more effective finish for the paint.

Sanding and Scraping - We have a very good team that concentrates on eradicating surface flaws and removing out difficult surfaces before fresh paint application to supply a consistent, clean surface texture.

Replacement or Restoration - We have qualified and skillful carpenters to mend or exchange all sections including outer damage, molding, trim and openings that must be addressed before painting.

Installation Team - Quite often, clients need equipment installed as part of their improvement. We are able to install your requests from lighting to outdoor window coverings and more.

Utilizing Primer - High-quality paint primer is used in advance of painting to ensure a long term, impressive finish.

Employing Paint - Once priming is complete, we administer two coats of high-quality fresh paint to transform and preserve your property.

Cleanup - We're dedicated to providing a clear work environment during and after the paint job. Waste and job-related materials are taken away from the site and properly disposed of.

Evaluation - Our final inspection crew visits the site after the job is done. They gain client approval before leaving your home or office. We don't consider our responsibility complete until this important step is performed.

Price of Exterior House Painting

Cost-effective and efficient, exterior painting is generally completed within your budget. House painting takes a lot of skill and expertise to guarantee your garden beds, porches, windows, trim, gutters, fascia, etc. are not covered with paint. Our expert, professional squad will help you enjoy a new, invigorating look.

We supply a superb bang for your buck. Updating the exterior paint can add value and proper protection to your dwelling or office. Outdoor paint is favored by new homeowners, those who want to sell and everyone in between. We will handle the hard work on your behalf. Give us a call for a free estimate today.

Select A Responsible Exterior House Painting Company

Most of us have seen the Do-it-yourself exterior paint jobs locally that go on for months or result in injury. It may seem simple to climb a ladder, handle all your painting gear and reach to apply, however, this isn't the case for all. Furthermore, muscle fatigue and neck and shoulder pains are common in people who do not paint routinely. Let alone balancing on a step ladder and shifting it every few feet. Painting is physically and mentally demanding. We can help you achieve the results you crave. Abbott Painters simplifies the whole process on your behalf.

Taking on the preparatory work usually takes more time than you presume. Understanding the numerous products and the ways to apply them along with what tools are needed is another thing. Cleaning up and being in charge of the whole process are just some of the motives why it pays to hire a reliable and qualified crew.

Lots of people don't have all of the customized equipment necessary for painting. Professional teams arrive equipped and have the tools they desire and the strategy and experience to finish the job right.

Outdoor Painting Tips for Professional Results

Hold back until summer to have your residence painted.

Summertime is an excellent time to have your exterior painted. Even though many think that spring is a great choice, your outer paint needs a minimum outdoor temperature of 50 degrees to cure correctly. June, July, August or the beginning of September are the perfect months to finish your exterior painting update.

Acrylic Paint Supplies Maximum Durability

Consider your options when you are looking at lasting paint options. Select acrylic paint if you can as it will survive longer than latex. If you have to use a stain, attempt to go with an oil-based product whenever you can.

Acrylic paint is one of the most durable types on the market. It provides superb protection from sun fading, UV damage, thunderstorms and withstands the elements for years.

Remove old paint chips and offer an even surface. Previous paint will result in problems and restrict new paint adhesion. Mindfully inspect your exterior and take away any chips with a scraper or a wire brush or sand paper.

Outside Painting FAQs

What is the life-span of an outside paint job?

5 to 7 years is the average for a extensive exterior paint job. Obviously, this is dependent on the climate where you live. Houses with full-blown sun or plenty of rain might demand repainting more frequently.

If you have wooden trim or siding, this will generally show age and wear and tear after 3 to 4 years.

Is it important to scrape the existing exterior paint away before starting a new paint job?

You don't have to scrape all the old paint away. If there are any areas with cracking paint, you should scrape, sand or wire brush these bits off to ensure the paint adheres properly. After you have scraped and sanded any loose chips, what's left can be painted over with the new paint.

Is priming the exterior required before painting?

If your past paint is in respectable condition, priming is not necessary. However, consider utilizing primer to any locations where old paint has cracked off or not sticking once you scrape it away. There are actually stain-blocking primer products on the market which can be useful on exterior siding or trim or locations with rust or staining.

What can cause my paint to peel?

Water exposure stands out as the main reason that paint peels. Sometimes, water vapor can build up below primer or paint which causes separation. Be sure that your surface is completely dry before using paint. Check the weather to time your outside painting with a dry spell. We can assist you with the whole planning process to guarantee the ideal results.

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